About the Wounded Warrior Program

About the Program

The Wounded Warrior Program was established to create employment opportunities for veterans within the House of Representatives. These two-year fellowships provide veterans with experience and exposure to broaden career opportunities. Positions are available in congressional Member District Offices nationwide. Wherever possible, those selected for the program will be given the opportunity to transition into full-time employment. However, full-time employment is not guaranteed at the conclusion of the two-year fellowship. 

Applicants must have served on active duty since September 11, 2001, have a 30-percent or greater service-connected disability rating and fewer than 20 years of service. If a fellowship is located within a Representative’s District, the appointment is contingent on the representative’s continuous representation in the U.S. House. In addition to a current resumé, applicants must submit a copy of their DD214 (Page 4) and a VA letter confirming that they have at least a 30-percent service-connected disability rating.