Wounded Warrior Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the definition of a "Wounded Warrior" as it relates to the House's Wounded Warrior Program?

A. An honorably discharged veteran, released from active duty within the last five years, who has reached the pay grades at or below E-5 or O-3, with a 20% or greater service connected disability rating. Purple Heart recepients are exempt from the service connected disability rating requirement, granted all other requirements are met. 

Q. How do I apply to the House's Wounded Warrior Program?

A. Eligible applicants may send the scanned required documentation, which includes a current resume, last DD 214 (Member 4) issued and a Civil Service Preference Letter indicating a 20% or greater service connected disability rating (not required if a Purple Heart recepient) to housewoundedwarriors@mail.house.gov.  Please be sure to indicate the location for which you are applying in the subject line of the email.

Q. What if I do not know my rating?

A. All military personnel discharged through the Disability Evaluation System for service-incurred injuries or illnesses receive a determination of findings. If you have not received that finding or have misplaced your letter, contact your appropriate service headquarters. You may also obtain a letter from your VA Regional Benefits Office that confirms your disability rating.

Q. How much will I be paid as a Wounded Warrior Fellow?

A. Salaries will vary from job to job, depending on the duties and recommendations from the office or Congressional Member that hires the Wounded Warrior.

Q. Will all fellowship positions lead to full time work?

A. Fellowship positions are not a guarantee of continued employment beyond the two year assignment. However, the opportunity for full time employment may arise.

Q. Are all Wounded Warrior Fellowships located in Washington, D. C.?

A. Although some fellowships may be located in Washington, D. C., most are located in the district offices of Members of Congress.

Q. Is there reimbursement for relocation expenses?

A. Reimbursement will NOT be paid for a position that requires relocation.