CAO Senior Management


Philip G. Kiko

Chief Administrative Officer Philip G. Kiko oversees the varied operations of the CAO which include Finance, Logistics and Support, Procurement, Information Technology, and Human Resources. Mr. Kiko was sworn in as the Chief Administrative Officer, effective August 1, 2016.

Mr. Kiko has a long record of House and government service. He most recently served as Staff Director/General Counsel of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. From 2011 to 2013, he was Staff Director/General Counsel of the Committee on House Administration, which has oversight responsibilities for many House operations. He also served as General Counsel/Chief of Staff for the House Committee on the Judiciary, Deputy Chief of Staff for the House Science Committee. He also served as Chief of Staff in the personal office of Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. from Wisconsin. In the mid-1990s, Mr. Kiko joined the newly-formed CAO and, as Associate Administrator for Procurement and Purchasing, helped establish the Procurement office.

In addition to his legislative branch experience, Mr. Kiko has also worked in the executive branch for the Department of the Interior and for the Department of Education.

Mr. Kiko is originally from Canton, Ohio, and graduated from Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio.  He is a graduate of George Mason University School of Law and is a Member of the D.C. Bar and the Virginia State Bar.

Mr. Kiko and his wife live in Virginia.

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John Clocker

John Clocker serves as Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for the U.S. House of Representatives. Tapped by CAO Phil Kiko in September 2016, John has over a decade of Legislative Branch experience, which touches all aspects of CAO operations.

Prior to his service as Deputy CAO, Mr. Clocker served as Deputy Staff Director for Planning and Oversight with the Committee on House Administration where he effectively managed the Committee’s oversight of day-to-day operations of the U.S. House, including administrative, technical, and security operations.

Mr. Clocker’s extensive service within the Legislative Branch also includes six years working with House Information Resources as the Director of Web Systems. In that role, he worked to implement strategies to provide optimal web operations and services for the entire House community.

Mr. Clocker also has worked at the Committee on Energy and Commerce and previously with the Committee on House Administration as Director of Technology.

Mr. Clocker has a master's of science degree in technology management from George Mason University.

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Anne Binsted

Anne Binsted serves as Chief of Staff for Chief Administrative Officer, Philip G. Kiko.  As Chief, Anne is responsible for the management of the CAO's five business units and over 600 employees who support House operations.

Ms. Binsted has worked in the U.S. House of Representatives for nearly three decades in various capacities for four House committees under the direction of five chairmen as well as in the leadership office of former House Republican Leader Robert H. Michel.

As a the daughter of two former congressional staffers who met while working in the Cannon House Office Building in the late 60s, Anne has been connected to the U.S. House of Representatives in one way or another throughout her whole life, and she brings tremendous experience of House operations to her role as Chief of Staff.

Prior to joining the CAO, Ms. Binsted served as Finance and Personnel Administrator for the Select Committee on Benghazi and the Committee on House Administration.  She also worked with the Judiciary and Science committees as an Editor and Special Assistant.

Ms. Binsted has a bachelor's degree in English from West Virginia University.

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Traci Beaubian

Traci Beaubian

Traci Beaubian serves as Chief Financial Officer for the U.S. House of Representatives. She is responsible for the House’s financial operations, including accounting, budget, and payroll and benefits. Ms. Beaubian has held various financial management, accounting, and financial operations positions within the CAO and the private sector.

Ms. Beaubian has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Georgetown University.

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Tom Coyne

Tom Coyne

Tom Coyne serves as the House of Representative’s Chief Logistics Officer.

Mr. Coyne has served in the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer since before there even was a “CAO.” 

In 1991, he joined what was then called Office Systems Management as an equipment management counselor supporting roughly 70 Member offices.  Over the next quarter century, he held positions in the House Service Center, Customer Solutions Delivery and the Office of Finance.

Before becoming Chief Logistics Officer, Mr. Coyne served as Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (Finance); and headed up the all-CAO working group charged with redesigning and implementing a top-to-bottom overhaul of asset management processes within the CAO and across the House. 

Mr. Coyne has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from George Mason University.

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Lisa Grant

Lisa Grant

Lisa Grant serves as the Chief Procurement Officer for the Chief Administrative Officer of the House.

She joined the CAO in May 2015 from the General Services Administration (GSA) where she had served since 2010 as Deputy Assistant Commissioner and Acting Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Acquisition Management within the Federal Acquisitions Service.

Ms. Grant began her federal procurement career in 1988 as a contract specialist with the Defense Logistics Agency, and for nearly three decades held a series of procurement positions with the Department of Justice, the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command, and GSA. 

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in finance from Troy State University and earned a Masters degree in Management with a minor in contract management from Florida Institute of Technology.

As Chief Procurement Officer, Ms. Grant leads the CAO’s team of procurement professionals, directing all strategic and operational efforts in acquisitions, purchasing and contracting.

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John Salamone

John Salamone

John Salamone serves as Chief Human Resources Officer for the Chief Administrative Officer of the House.

Mr. Salamone joined the CAO in June 2016, bringing with him 17 years of federal government experience in both the executive and legislative branches. Prior to joining the CAO, Mr. Salamone led a team of consultants and oversaw a portfolio of HR-related projects at a management consulting firm in Alexandria, Virginia.

As Chief Human Resources Officer, Mr. Salamone oversees the human resources team and leads the CAO’s strategic and long term human resource planning.

Mr. Salamone has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the State University of New York at Oswego and a Master’s in Public Administration from George Mason University.

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Catherine Szpindor

Catherine Szpindor

Catherine Szpindor is the Chief Information Officer for the House of Representatives.

Ms. Szpindor oversees House Information Resources which provides technology applications and services, technical support, cyber security, and telecommunications for the House. Her department also designs and hosts websites for hundreds of Members and Committees.

Ms. Szpindor joined the House in 2011 as the Director of Enterprise Applications.  She was named Deputy CIO in 2014 and tapped to run the department as CIO in December 2015.

She has extensive background in information technologies.  Prior to working at the House, Ms. Szpindor served as Vice President of IT for Thomas Nelson Community College. She also worked for many years as Vice President of Information Technology for Nextel, Sprint, and Sprint/Nextel.

Ms. Szpindor holds a master's degree in information systems from Mercer University's Stetson School of Business and Economics and has a certificate in strategy and innovation from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a certificate in strategic business leadership from Georgetown University.